Virtual PA

Providing as much (or as little) office support as you want.


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A Virtual Assistant provides all the skills of an executive PA, but with none of the employment expenses.  Ideal for start-ups, entrepreneurs and businesses looking to expand.  Other benefits include:

  • Only pay for the work you need, when you need it;
  • No payroll costs, such as PAYE or sick pay;
  • No need to purchase specialist equipment or software;
  • No agency fees.



We charge £25.00 per hour and so that we keep Awenek’s wheels turning, we charge a minimum of 1 hour per booking.  During that time, we’re not refilling the stationery supplies, making a coffee or checking our Insta feed: we are 100% focused on the tasks you have set us to do.

For longer term contracts, daily, weekly and monthly rates are available upon request, and like your favourite coffee shop, we offer reward points for regularly using our services.


Pick &

Our Virtual PA service offers a professional, yet affordable way to relieve you of some – or all – of your administrative burden, leaving you to concentrate on the important things: keeping your customers happy and generating revenue.

Below is an overview of the services we provide but if you have something more specific, or if you have bespoke software to use, we’re confident we would be able to help.  Don’t forget that we offer web and digital media design and assistance too


Find out

To check our availability, discuss a specific task that isn’t listed, or if you would like to meet to have an informal chat about how we could help, please ring us on 01872 487012 or use the button below to get in touch: we’ll even call you back.

So what have you got to lose?  You never know, we could just be the catalyst to take your business to the next level.

A little of what we do

Office Cover

Awenek offers a first class PA service, covering sickness, annual leave or just that extra pair of hands when most needed.

Marketing Materials

Producing eDocuments: including forms, brochures, flyers and menus.

Blog Management

Uploading posts, replying to comments and filtering them when necessary.


We can create a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database, or to update your existing one.


Creating invoices, so you can concentrate on doing the work.


aka ‘School Information Management System’.  Skills include data entry, and creating and running reports.

Proof read documents

Making sure your company’s professional profile is not hampered by spelling or grammar mistakes.

Travel Bookings

Taking the hassle out of travel, through careful planning and organisation.

Event Management

From meetings to conferences, let Awenek plan all the details for you.

Survey Design & Analysis

Using the popular online tools, such as Survey Monkey or Google Forms, to create surveys for your business.  We can also compile an in-depth report based on the results received.

Spreadsheet Design

Creating spreadsheets to filter data and give you the answers you need at a moment’s notice.

Calendar Management

Let Awenek help keep track of meetings, deadlines and tasks through managing your calendar.

Document Production

Whether through audio transcription or handwritten notes, we can create professional documents and reports.

Social Media

Creating accounts, designing graphics, writing and uploading posts for your online presence.

Email Marketing

Using MailChimp, we can create anything from monthly newsletters to autoresponders.

Order Processing

Managing customer orders, including preparing quotes, ordering in stock and arranging deliveries.

How much is it going to cost me?

We charge a minimum of 1 hour per booking - £25.00 - after that, we charge in 15 minute increments.
Each task's cost is dependent on the scope of the project. For example: for an A4 digital brochure to include your logo (provided), high quality imagery (not provided) with 5 pages of your text, I would charge £75.00.
Wait! Come back... Let me explain why.

First things first, we’re perfectionists and work on the ethos that if you’re paying for it, we will settle for nothing less than complete customer satisfaction.  Grammar and spelling is checked as standard but we will make sure that fonts match, character- and line-spacing is maintained, paragraphs are accurately aligned, colours match exactly, and time is allowed for alterations. I could go on but you get the gist.  This is what sets Awenek apart: our attention to detail.

If you are likely to require further brochures in the same style, they would likely cost less as the design element has already been achieved, so it’s just imagery and text that need changing.

That sounds expensive for some letters.

Actually no, not really.  £25.00 per hour is very average in the growing Virtual Assistant world; in a Facebook group of hundreds of VAs, most charge that amount and are really busy, so we’re confident that clients are happy to pay for excellent skills, such as ours.

Like all business owners, we too have to pay tax and business expenses, plus we have no sick pay, holiday pay or company pension.

So people pay just to have some admin done?

Oh yes!  Admin and organisational skills don’t always come easily to most business owners and entrepreneurs, and many of them feel as if they’re wasting their own time on admin when they could be out earning money.

Most of our clients use our virtual PA skills to save money, save time or save their sanity!  We help with the repetitive, time consuming tasks, or things they’re not good at, or most commonly, that they don’t like to do.  Invoicing and credit control anyone?