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Whether you’re looking for an affordable one-page site, a portfolio for your photographs or an eCommerce site, Awenek can create your web presence from scratch.  Or is your current website feeling a little old, tired and in need of some TLC? We can do that too!



Did you know that YouTube has over one billion users?  That’s nearly 1/3 of the Internet. ONE THIRD!  As a search engine alone, YouTube has nearly surpassed Google.  Is that really a market you can afford to miss out on?  Talk to us about how your brand could venture into video.



Sometimes it’s the simple things that can make your digital presence stand head and shoulder above your competitors.  A simple, instantly recognisable logo that works across all platforms from social media to letterheads and brand continuity across all your media, help to keep your message clear.

Website design

We can help guide you through the minefield of deciding how your first website should look and feel, to offering suggestions to maximise impact, so that you end up with a website that truly reflects your business.

Video services

You know your business better than anybody; so who better to talk about it, than you?  We put together anything from interviews and snippets to full promotional videos.  We help you storyboard what you want to say and then make it happen.


We use a UK data centre which guarantees fast, secure hosting 24/7/365 and an up time of 99.9%.

Website updates

Does your website truly work for your business? Maybe you’ve changed direction and your website no longer reflects the new ‘you’?  Has your site grown too large and needs simplifying?  Perhaps you need more information on your site?  Let’s meet for a coffee and see what we can do to help.

Email setup: SMTP & webmail

From simple webmail to SMTP accessibility over all devices, however you want your emails delivered, we’ve got you covered.

Landing pages

What is a landing page? Your homepage is designed with a more general purpose in mind: it covers your overall brand and typically loaded with links and navigation to other areas of your site.  A landing page has one specific goal – a Call to Action; either for lead generation (fill in this form for more details) or click through (mainly e-commerce, i.e. 50% off this shirt).

Logo & image design

Speak to any marketing guru about branding and they will always tell you that your logo needs to be instantly recognisable.  Think “Nike Swoosh”.  Clear, easy to see on social media, simple and uncomplicated.

Social media integration

Social media is a must-have tool in any business box of tricks.  According to Ofcom’s latest statistics, 76% of online adults have a social media account, with the biggest increase coming from the 75+ users: 41% vs. 19% in 2015.

CRM integration

Simply put, CRM (or customer relationship management) refers to software that handles your sales pipeline.  At its heart is a customer database but one that tracks and schedules effective communications with a customer, enables accurate sales reporting and should someone leave, a way to transfer their lead activity to the new member of staff.  Web integration allows you to capture leads straight from your website.

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